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L.A. Minute Movie

Letia Solomon is working as Associate Producer on the feature film "L.A. Minute." Written and directed by Dimitri Morantus of Morantus Entertainment, the movie is a comedy about a lowly guy who assumes the identity of what he thought to be an deceased accountant only to find out he was a actually a hit man who is wanted by the police and the mob. His very pedestrian uneventful existence turns into a race to save his life, true identity, his only friend, and his unexpected new found love. Filming has begun in September 2016. You can see more of the film on , it's Facebook Page "L.A. Minute - Feature Film.", or on Instagram @LAMinuteMove.

Coming soon in 2017...

#LAMinute #Featurefilm #Movie #morantusentertainment #LSoloProductions

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